Dream Log 15

Monday 7-16-18 / ……… / Tuesday 7-17-18

Good omen for the poetry reading tonight, or no? The latter half a dream had me in a living room with a tooth that felt slightly loose. Like any normal waking moment, I placed my finger in my mouth and began to wiggle that tooth. It easily detached from my jaw.

I rushed to a bathroom and stood in front of a mirror looking at my reflection. Normal visage, like I look now at 34. I began to inspect my teeth, some randomly became looser, others start to looked decayed and brown. Which meant they would be a cinch to pull out. So I started to do so, getting rid of two molars next. Then the opposing canine (which had been the initial tooth to go).

This concerned me a lot, and it also led me to believe that this had to be a dream. Teeth loss, lack of actual pain, I had to be dreaming. So I blinked multiple times, stared into the mirror. No waking up. I wondered, maybe this is reality! The dream checks aren’t working!

More teeth left. The bottom left side of my mouth was a gaping chasm now. But no blood. I wandered around the bathroom trying to figure out what to do. I stared quickly back at the mirror, and my mouth now was completely covered with metal instruments to help realign my teeth, like braces. I began to disassemble these contraptions and finally managed to get rid of all the useless stuff. Three-quarters of my teeth were gone, and I couldn’t wake up.

I walked away from my mirror, but with limited mess and limited concern. I had all my teeth in one hand, but no set destination in mind.

So of course I woke up early and made sure all of my teeth were firmly set in place.

Time to schedule a dental check-up and cleaning…

Dream Log 14

Thursday 7-12-18 / ……… / Friday 7-13-18

Here’s a new sport for you: beach soccer, but just offshore, so that the goals are half-submerged underwater no matter where the tide is located. Everyone has to kick the ball at the surface of the water, so there were a lot of strange acrobatics involved during the match I was a part of. My team at the World Cup (–That’s all I could assume was going on in the dream–) was Slovakia! It makes sense since most of my ancestors are from that tiny landlocked central European country. Still, that dream doesn’t make sense since Slovakia, a tiny landlocked central European country, was a team playing in a World Cup match for offshore beach soccer! You’d think any place with legitimate shoreline and constant beach-going weather would be finalists.

Whatever. It was a fun dream. But everyone on both sides (don’t remember my opponent) kept complaining about the uniform. We all had to wear T-shirts, and it made moving around in the undertow difficult, especially since most of the movement involved bicycle kicks and dolphin leaps so that the ball would move around the ‘pitch.’ And the waves kept crashing repeatedly.

I wager this sport would be kinda like water polo, but you can only use your head and feet.

I woke up sore.

Dream Log 13

Wednesday 7-11-18 / ……… / Thursday 7-12-18

The three main individuals in this dream were me, my mom, and my sister. The main conflict in this dream involved getting to our seats for a baseball game. The rush to enter the section we were in was incredible; people were jostling around and fighting to get through. The entrances were reminiscent of the London Tube stiles, where one would try to swipe a card or feed a ticket through. My mom snuck through the wheelchair accessible entrance without a second glance; I’m pretty sure she had all our tickets. Then, my sister followed suit but was stopped by a guard and forced to go through one of the other stiles. She produced her ticket and went in.

I rifled through my wallet, thinking that I might have placed a ticket in there but couldn’t find one. People behind me were getting aggravated at having to wait to enter. I called out to my sister and my mom to wait. My sister grew aggravated as well, wondering why I’d not had my ticket in my hand. She left eventually, saying she’d see if my mom still had the ticket. No word from her. I ran around the area, searching the ground to see if a ticket was lying about among the throng of people. Nothing.

I left the building in defeat. I turned back eventually. Perhaps time had passed for the building I entered was empty. A security guard was near a podium to the side and asked what I was looking for. I told him I wanted to find a ticket, because without it I couldn’t see the baseball game. He said he’d be on the lookout; plus, he’d contact ticket sales to see if they could reprint a ticket, and see if this case would allow for such a reprinting.

I turned around and left with the hope that I could get a ticket for the game (which apparently hadn’t started yet … or did … or it would have been a ticket for a future game … who knows?).

Dream Log 12

Monday 7-9-18 / ……… / Tuesday 7-10-18

A lost tooth dream: I pulled a canine tooth out on my own. At first, I though that it was just a baby tooth, but quickly realized that I wasn’t a child.

The dream continued with the gap in my tooth. Then, I thought I’d woken up. I checked my tooth and it was still missing! Cue the freakout.

Then I truly woke up and it was there.

Dream Log 11

Thursday 7-5-18 / ……… / Friday 7-6-18

I’m thinking it was the same dream but the start and end are quite different in scope. I’m in my new house, and I’m decorating it for Christmas, and I’m inviting a large number of people. So I’m rushing as fast as I can to string up lights in the normally non-existent trees right in front of my house and fence. I’ve donned windows with pine garlands and bows, our boxes from the recent move are still here and there in the living room space. There’s a fireplace in the main living room (though there isn’t a fireplace in the main living room in reality).

I balk the second time I look outside for guests: the trees are leaf-less, they are covered in a large amount of snow, and the drifts are blowing hard and fast. Storms were aplenty overnight: heavy rain and loud claps of thunder, so this was definitely a shock to me. Hadn’t it just been raining heavily around midnight?

Thunder resounded just then when I felt confused. I ran out to assist people. The following span of time grew muddled. It wasn’t until later that I was walking along an expansive beach with the sun still rising behind me; mid-morning probably? I kept on walking ahead. Distant rock outcroppings were getting closer, and in my head, I knew I had to get there. There being a parking lot and my car. Other people were occasionally flitting in and out of view, friends and people I thought might be guests at the house holiday party.

A beachball floated on the shore after a wave retreated.

A sandcastle sat in front of me, half-made.

White lawn chairs littered the dunes.

It was summer again. The warmth noticeable.

How did the snow so suddenly disappear?

I told myself to do something because this was a dream. I don’t know if I did because I don’t remember anything else that came after that pronouncement.

Dream Log 10

Sunday 7-1-18 / ……… / Monday 7-2-18

Two brief scenarios as I’m quite late in the evening, so my memory is foggy:

(1) I had to teach a new writing class, it was the first day, & I didn’t have a syllabus yet. I asked a new colleague of mine whose focus was literature. His course schedule had first-year students reading a book for each class. I mentioned that I felt the course load was too rigorous. He scoffed and clutched the syllabus back to his chest and said something to the likes of “I knew people were going to say that about my class. Students aren’t challenged anymore in classes!!” I wanted to say it seemed to be a class for graduate students but decided not to. I went in the room. Only two students were there, and the class was set to begin. Very few followed into the room. One of the students said that, since this room was in the basement, few first-years knew that this was where the room was situated — so it would be awhile before they arrived. I drew in a sigh of relief, thinking that I had time to kill and if I had a decent number of the students, I could wait and do a diagnostic for the first class and delay sending out the syllabus until the second class…

(2) The other dream I can remember involved me driving the giant trams that (I think) are still used at the zoo. There were multiple that went around these giant parking garages. I was in the middle of driving a group of people to their cars when I had to stop. A trailer of another tram had become detached and continue to circle around a pylon in the center of the garage, over and over and over again quickly like a whirligig. I don’t think there were people in it, nor was there a driver who seemed in control of the vehicle. I wondered who might be able to take care of this situation. I walked along the side of my tram to see if I could locate anyone. Another driver with their tram had to stop behind me; they looked irritated and laid on their horn. After a minute, they swerved around me. As they passed, the vehicle came extra close to mine and I had to leap onto the tram. At that moment, the tram started and I was off through the garage — but not the person in control of the vehicle.

Dream Log 9

Saturday 6-30-18 / ……… / Sunday 7-1-18

I need to remember more interesting dreams. Both were in the same type of school-esque building. Here is what happened in this one segment: I received multiple book recommendations. Handed books by multiple people. My wife informed me about one I had to start now. The last page was around 9500. I told her that was too big; but I went to the start and realized that the book started at around 2000, so it seemed more manageable.

The second dream took place in a copy room. Multiple individuals were there, which I found aggravating because it was the summer and no faculty would be here to copy material in the summer! But here we were.

I stood by the machine and leafed through the stapled articles I wanted to copy. As I was reading, I felt a bit more relieved because I had a hunch that the students would be able to bring in their own copies of these readings without my having to do anything in advance (copying or scanning).

I told you these two dreams were thrilling!