Red, White, and Blue

but the colors that run
like blood
down the mirror
are not two of those three.

What I see are rivers
multiple shades
still the same bloody substance
as if I’d stabbed the mirror.

I really don’t want to wait
to see when
the curtain falls
soaking everything in black.

Freedom of the Press

Snicker some more about how
we shall never have to worry
about freedom of the press in the US
about rights being taken away from us.

Just see Turkey:
whenever something offensive
became hyper-visible
banning followed not long after

Whenever a reporter shared
uncomfortable slices of news
that few people knew
arrests and silencing appeared instantly.

Notice the number of people
government officials who bemoan
the evil left spouting lies!
they must be silenced, shouted down!

Don’t trust them, ever, never
they can’t come to certain places
and record what’s happening,
what we say in the public sphere!

Why worry — what’s happened
and is happening in Turkey
can never ever
happen here!