vanity plate post #7.

This time around I shall provide you with an intensely deep vanity plate.


As you gaze upon this statement, one must wonder what the struggle truly is. Might it be a battle against The Man, or the day-in-day-out slog of 9-5 minutiae? Perhaps this plate is a literal slice of hardship, where it was next to impossible to fit in the E on this particular license plate.

Ohhhh, th struggls of today’s drivrs. Also th annoying ncssity of having to us that lttr …

(There’s a book where the letter E is never used. It’s possible, but insane to think about. My brain hurts.)


vanity plate post #6.

And I see this today:


Sonar? I mean, that’s all I can think of at the moment. If you come up with something better, let me know!

vanity plate post #5.

So little updates recently. And so many vanity plates. It’s as if they’ve been crawling out of the woodwork. Everywhere. Every. Where. It’s the thing. What is up with you, Ohio?

Here’s one that needs to be recorded for eternity: DRWN DOG

It took me awhile to figure out what this first word would be. First I thought, drown. That made it seem like the owner of the vehicle really hated canines and went to the pond frequently to dispose of them. Second possibility: drawn. They’re an artist — mainly of dogs. Perhaps. Not as horrific, but it makes for a somewhat boring license plate. Lastly, Darwin. A huge fan of both natural selection and dogs. I didn’t see one of those fish emblems that walk on the back of the vehicle. Therefore, the ruling’s still out. Mary considered “downward” — which would make the person more of a yoga enthusiast.

And here’s a second license plate for now: GODS SUV

This particular vanity plate needs no further exposition. Start judging. Or wailing at how low our society has gone.