vanity plate post #4.

Two more additions for your viewing pleasure, one sweet and one not-so-sweet:



That last driver was either too shy to spell the swearword in its proper way. Or … deforms? Deformed? Deformity?



vanity plate post #3.

The next one on our list comes with some embarrassment on my part because I had no idea what it meant when I originally viewed it:


For a minute or so, I thought: why did they put a 3 between those words. It seemed as if it had to do with tattoos, but it just didn’t make sense. And then I realized. Nowadays them youngins they use 3 in place of E sometimes. Those sneaky little devils. So it’s technically a shortened netspeakish way of saying that the driver (and possibly the other passengers) are “tatted up.”

Granted, you all may have realized this when you first viewed the license plate. But I didn’t. I kinda hang my head in shame, but not fully. I revel in my 72-year-old, curmudgeon-y, back-in-the-day sentimentality when it comes to text lingo. And other things.

Off to put on robe and sip scotch. Maybe read the paper. Tilt back recliner. Watch TV on mute. The usual.

vanity plate post #1.

I think I am going to post occasionally what people from Ohio put on their vanity license plates. Seriously, some are just ridiculous. I never understood this.

First of all, it’s more expensive to get one. And second of all, you’re singling yourself out! So what if you accidentally do something stupid on the road? It makes it easier for that person you’ve cut off or turned in front of to remember what your license plate reads; either this person can remember your plate number and do something heinous to the finish of your shiny new SUV, or they could easily contact the po-po and detail your information in a nice, tidy description of your ridiculous combination of numbers/letters (or cul8tr netspeak).

I shall give you two plates. First: KXK

With the script of Ohio’s license plates, this is not a good idea. Xs look like Ks. Therefore, you can probably guess what this plate looks like from a distance. Doh!

The second vanity plate for you all: OCELOT

As in, an ocelot. The animal. Unless this has some other meaning I don’t know about. Which could be true. But still … ocelot?! Why ocelot?!