what’s happening in istanbul?

So I’ve neglected this after the end of April. Blame end of spring semester, blame my conference presentation in Belgium, blame my travels related to that, blame my constant attention being drawn to the protests currently taking place in Istanbul.

That last reason: I’ve written a bit in my hard-cover journal and shared a boat-load of articles and stories on Facebook, but not much really here. In any case, if you don’t know what’s going on in Turkey I suggest you crawl out of a rock and check out two blogs I have as links on the side of my own. 



These blogs, others’ Facebook posts, and twitter feeds have been the most accurate news reports lately, despite what the PM has been saying. Some news stories are getting it right, some of them a little bit right, others completely off the mark. 

Show your support for all those who are responding to PM Erdogan’s almost tyrannical rule over the country. Freedom should be for all, not just for a select “minority.” 

Some hashtags that are relevant: #occupygezi #duranadam #taksimprotests

Searching for those on Google will hopefully tell you more!


the national lyricism.

Again, as usual, The National have released another album (Trouble Will Find Me) full of awesome imagery, catchy lyrics, and — this time — with very disturbing cover art. This snippet is from “Heavenfaced” — not my favorite song on the album by a long shot, but still possessing some great lines. Liable to remain stuck in my head.


She’s a griever, and I believe her
It’s not a fever; it’s a freezer
I believe her, and I’m a griever now.