new world.

Much has happened during the slight gap since my last update. Here are the snippets: Traveled with Mary to NYC. Flew to London. Took the Chunnel and made it to Belgium with my sister and brother-in-law. Experienced the 2012 Olympics. Started two new teaching jobs. Moved to a new place of residence last month.

It’s all happening fast. Like when I was searching long and hard after achieving my teaching certificate August of 2007. And waiting and waiting and waiting. Then after “interviewing” with a language school in Turkey in late September, I found myself leaving the US in late October. One month. And snap it changed. The ball started down the hill faintly over the summer. But then —boom!— it was fast. Faster than I even had anticipated.

I keep trying to remind myself that, though some things leap into the forefront, into the present, with incalculable rapidity, more will be happening in the upcoming months. Some might seem as if they’re inching, crawling, toward the present; some might soar in my direction even faster than the Olympics had.

Time to embrace all of this.

I intend to continue with my writing: novels, poetry, travel narrative. See what can be fine-tuned, revised, publishable. With this might come a monthly writers’ group. I anticipate this will help me continue writing often and better. I need to hear more feedback, hear the positive along with the negatives.

I intend to run a 10K in October. Sunday morning arrived and, though I dallied and lounged for an hour after waking up, I ventured out and finished my first 10K jog around Cleveland Heights since high school. And I finished. Even with a few blisters still present on the tips of a couple of my toes, I did it. I will do more. I will be ready. Mary is participating in the Towpath Marathon as well. She’ll be walking the half-marathon, starting before my 10K begins.

More has been definitely left unsaid. But this is a good start for now. I shall be placing more of my writing here, more of my cogitations, more of things that have intrigued or stirred me in the past few months or in the past few weeks or in the past few days.

Let the ink flow…