to care about the world’s future makes you an extremist.

Ahoy, mateys! This blog post was started a week or so ago, but then I got distracted and saved the draft and did not return to finish this up. Let’s see if I can get riled up enough to put a decent enough denouement to this little soapbox of mine.

My main slice of t’internet to share with you today is in the following link. Check it out. It’s an article about a possible individual who wants to take over Sherrod Brown’s position in the Ohio senate, if enough people vote for him.

Mandel believes that if you are afraid that drilling oil and natural gas will ruin the state in ways that’s aren’t economically based, then you are some radical extremist, you are an environmentalist who has no true idea about how to save a state in crisis, you are someone who has no clear idea about the condition Ohio is in.

He, in turn, has been fed – in my opinion – by big oil companies and those who are riddled with hundred-dollar bills and checks that can buy him the next election. He believes that allowing for more hydraulic fracturing will be the savior of a state destroyed by the economic crisis and the years following it. The only way to fix it is to drill in national parks and in people’s backyards. I kid you not. Fracking has been introduced in Mary’s aunt’s mother’s backyard; Mary’s aunt had no idea about what fracking was really about and the dangers that could occur in relation to this process. Until now. And now she knows what really happens when gas is extracted from rock, let’s just say it isn’t a positive opinion on the process.

Thanks to our governor, there is not as much transparency as there should be when it comes to drilling and the storage of chemicals and other offal that accumulate after the foraging for natural gas has settled down. So now, according to Ohio law, major energy companies don’t have to disclose this information. People don’t have as many rights, they are unable to refuse infringement upon their property, their groundwater, if one of their neighbors agree to allow these pillagers onto their property and sift and shoot through rock to find this miracle energy source. It’s criminal.

So I might be a bit more environmentally-minded than most. I know others have sighed or rolled their eyes at my constant push for recycling, and for the lessening of materials that – when thrown out – will not decompose until 2250, or later. I care about the earth. So do thousands and millions of others. That’s why the leaking and gushing of oil into the gulf two years back sparked so much outrage and vitriol against BP and the drill-drill-drill bigwigs. Because, sure we want not to be dependent on foreign energy sources. But we also don’t want to destroy our country in the process. We don’t want to kill wildlife, cause an upsurge in earthquakes in areas where they don’t usually occur, ruin our water sources (be it groundwater, seashores, gulfs, great lakes).

It’s unsettling how much fracturing occurs in Pennsylvania. I’ve driven through it, visited Pittsburgh and Gettysburg. The hills and mountains scream beauty and serenity. A friend of mine from UT, from central PA, has told me how much of the wildlife has suffered from fracking and its aftermath. The lack of healthy fish and potable water. Lack of potable water in Pennsylvania. That is disgusting.

And they want Ohio to reap the benefits of fracking. Not when the natural parks I’ve been to, seen photos of, camped in, embraced with every fiber of my being, and defended against those who rip Ohio to shreds because it’s apparently the asshole of the United States are threatened. There are farmlands that stretch to the horizon, like any Great Plains state; there are rocky and sandy shores along one of the few freshwater sources we have. We have rolling hills and forests supreme, endlessly stretching into mountains when you venture into PA and West Virginia. We have caverns in the south and nature trails in metropolitan areas, places where you’d think only steel mills, glass factories, and warehouses reside.

Do we really want further probing and upending of this? We’ve seen it happen in PA. We’ve seen it happen in the west (Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma). What other states do these oil and gas hobnobbers want to obliterate?