the warped music video.

So MGMT had held – in my opinion – the prize for the most trippy, insane, most out-there music videos, at least over the past few years. (And there were quite a few bands out there with strange ones…)

For example, see Time to Pretend and Kids below:

This past year, however, Mother Mother have created two vids that have come extremely close to MGMT. Seriously. Both videos are so warped that it’s a trip watching it … even if you aren’t taken over by some psychotropic substance.



I am going to try that picture-a-day thing again. Here’s the link to the site:

This time around, I will definitely try to make it one picture per day instead of whenever I am able! Mary is gonna help out also.

book snow write.

I read 32 books this year.

This number could (and should) have been higher but I was eaten alive by graduate school this fall semester. Perhaps the upcoming year will be more productive. I’ve started 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami and No Touch Monkey! by Ayun Halliday. This should keep me occupied when I don’t wanna do thesis and capstone stuff. But let’s just remember that I do indeed have to write two major papers before I can hold that Master’s degree in my hand this May. 

Not only that – but I want more poems published, perhaps get a cool book deal (novel or travel narrative collection), and also travel some more with Mary. I also just want to write more in general, but specifically I would like my hard-cover journal to be filled to the brim so that I have to purchase a new one before the year is out. Or by the time the end of the world hits. Isn’t that some time next December?  

Also a job (or jobs) would be good. Preferably decent-paying ones in the Cleveland area. No more Toledo after this semester. Nosiree…