shameless plug.

I know it’s kinda lame doing some advertising on here instead of posting something more creative, but it has to do with another creative outlet that I am editor for in my “free time.” As of February, I was promoted to Nonfiction Editor for Litterbox Magazine and have received very few submissions for the section. Needless to say, they weren’t the best stuff I’ve read and I would love to have a large pool to choose from. Time is running out also as the next issue will be out hopefully by May.

I know some of my readers (cough cough Jeff and Stephen) have some great blogs that I consider travel narrative/creative nonfiction. There are guidelines on the website; to clarify, I have no theme for the nonfiction section and I am open to a variety of genres. If you have something longer that is not on your blog, look it over and make any revisions you think necessary. Then send it! If you know others who might want to submit, let them know also. Spread the word. I want my section to be awesome.

Check out the site:

Peace, my fellow writers.


o video.

By popular demand (which is one person), I have placed a link here to the song I mentioned in my previous post. Even those who have YouTube banned in his/her country will be able to weasel around the prohibitions with the help of a proxy, at least I think one still can. I tried to look on Hypem, which is a great site to search for artists and listen to songs you might not have known existed, but I was unable to find an mp3 of this particular song even though there are other tracks by the group.

It be wonderful, as I so gushed in my previous entry.