this entry will be quick.

October’s gone.

(Actually, half a semester of graduate school has passed and I’ve barely had time to pleasure-write, which is an unforgivable sin — but let’s just be masochistically pleased that I got bit by the muse as I was showering tonight. Now here I am at 2:30 in the morning, awake and ready to type even though I should be under the covers and sleeping so I don’t die tomorrow.)

I look back this month and don’t consider it a failure when I compare it to past Octobers. As I am (grossly) liable to point out often, October has become my ‘travel’ month, where I simply set sail and throw inhibition aside. I quietly reneged on this in 2009 because I really wasn’t traveling then; I was however abroad like I had been in 2005. I did travel in October both those years, both locations providing me with some wonderful writing material. This year, I managed to take a day trip with Mary to Canada (Windsor, Ontario to be exact) in the middle of the month. It wasn’t the grandest of road trips, but we managed to get out of Toledo for part of the day!

In the end, to milk my self-indulgent and easily amused persona, I noticed that I’d been outside the US on the 24th of October for five straight years (sadly in 2010, the foray ‘abroad’ lasted less than a day and the Sunday before).

Let me tell you where I’ve been on this date:

2005: Cork, Ireland (smooching the urine-seeped Blarney Stone)
2006: Barcelona, Spain (having had way too many Ernest Hemingways)
2007: Munich, Germany (inhaling the post-Oktoberfest hangovers all around)
2008: London, England (sightseeing and catching bands at this stable house converted into a bar)
2009: Istanbul, Turkey (no “fun” traveling this time, but I was on the prowl for Halloween costume accessories!)

Now we’re back in the US, and — although it wasn’t a flashy day — it was still just as enjoyable.

2010: Toledo, Ohio (Shawn heading back to Chicago after his visit; Mary and I sleeping in to an ungodly hour, even though we WERE supposed to be finishing our schoolwork.)

I hope the 24th of October 2011 lives up to expectations.