not completely horrible.

Okay, so I guess I won’t be a fortune teller in the near future. Or maybe I was just over-generous and also very over-confident in the USA soccer team. (I did get six of the eight matches correct, but Japan and USA – the dark horses – will have screwed over the later rounds immeasurably.)

The main fact is we’re out, and I’m sad. And most of the other teams I’ve been rooting for have fallen as well. There are a few ones still yearning for the big title, and I once again will guess the victors, at least for the quarterfinals. (I won’t be too hasty to guess who wins what like last time.)

Uruguay vs. Ghana
Netherlands vs. Brazil
Argentina vs. Germany
Paraguay vs. Spain

I’m being a bit more safe this time around; watch, this shall be the round of surprises!


makeshift bracket.

As I’m currently a World Cup addict, I thought I’d just post my predictions for the knock out stages.  If all comes to pass as I predict, then I shall be starting my own fortune-telling service.  So far I haven’t done too swell with them, but this has also been a shocking World Cup.  Italy, France, gone.  USA first in its group.  England, squeaking by.  Japan dominating.

Let’s see what happens.  Bolded teams are the victors.

Uruguay vs South Korea
USA vs Ghana
Netherlands vs Slovakia
Brazil vs Chile
Argentina vs Mexico
Germany vs England
Paraguay vs Japan
Spain vs Portugal

Now we have the quarter-finals:

Uruguay vs USA
Netherlands vs Brazil
Argentina vs Germany
Japan vs Spain (okay, I originally made Spain the winner of the WC, but I changed this for the surprise underdog)

Semi-finals are next:

USA vs Brazil
Argentina vs Japan

Consolation (or 3rd place for those being numerically bent):

USA vs Japan

And the winners of the World Cup this year:

Brazil vs Argentina

Yeah, the end turns out to be a snooze-fest here.  Brazil haven’t wowed me much for this cup.  If they stay a full squad, they’ll probably be neck-and-neck with the Argentinians.  If it truly is them in the finals, it’ll come down to the nitty-gritty.  So it’s Argentina.

The USA thing’s a pipe dream, too.


Let’s break out this here blog by putting up a small update on my running.

Yesterday was the Ohio City Run & Crawl.  Basically, the race began when it was still toasty instead of it being in the morning like most 5Ks. The temperatures rose high during the day like it had been forecast. By the time 6pm hit, it wasn’t as bad as I expected though. I’m guessing mid-80s in the Fahrenheit.

I had my toe shoes on, so I received a small amount of attention at the race.  Most people would simply look and do a double-take perhaps.  This one lady, who was doing photography for a local magazine (Ohio City Harvest, I think), asked some questions about my shoes and wanted to take a few shots of them and me in them.  I might be in August’s issue.

The run was great.  There were 600 runners overall. All the people at the various restaurants would cheer us as we ran past. One of the people directing us along the particular route had a large timpani-like drum and hit a beat with some Spanish lyrics as well. Mary – who did intervals of walking and running – said that there were more people around dancing and cheering and shouting when she passed that guy. The route led us through different Ohio City streets, past people on front porches motivating us, the smells of random BBQs wafting around, a cruel carrot in front of me as I ran. Some dude kept a level pace with me after the one-mile marker and asked about my shoes, etc. It lasted a minute before we both separated, as our paces were a bit different.

Near the 3-mile point, I heard the time as just under 23 minutes! I was ecstatic and tried my best to keep pace, and perhaps go a tiny bit quicker. I didn’t have the yearning to sprint at the end, which caused a couple others to pass me up. I turned back onto Market Street, by The Flying Fig and Great Lakes Brewing Co., and across the finish to various spurts of applause.

As I waited for Mary, eating an apple and hyperventilating a bit, I had some others comment on my shoes, how I liked them, how my running has been with them. I finished the race in 23:37, 18th place out of 68 in my age group (90th overall), which I thought was pretty good considering I hadn’t run an officiated 5K since 2001.

I wager another 5K will be in my future.  When, this I do not know.