photos, 365 of them.

I was invited to take part in a project where one takes a photograph and publicly shares it every day of the year. My promise was that I’d contribute, but wouldn’t be tied to do it every single day. If you want to keep up with me, and check in occasionally, check this out:

I would also like comments, suggestions, etc. on my work. Ever since the digital photography class I took in 2006, I’ve been faintly adverse to taking photos and sharing them with the world. I mean, I still put some shots on the Facebook, but I am not doing Bugbitten as I once did ages ago. Plus, I would have to reorganize my Flickr page.

Self-consciousness has entered inside and I’ve been trying to purge myself of it.  So check it out before I go crazy.



Two more amazing songs that have captivated me over the past two weeks:

“Sweet Disposition” – The Temper Trap

“Vision of Heaven” – Bloc Party