get a life.

I’ve had two dreams now where a person has stumbled across this and poured excessive adoration on something I had written – but only as a side-situation in a dream with a much larger scope.

Not that I remembered much of the rest of the dream anyway.

None of these particular comments exist, or had ever existed. This could be hope surging out of the subconscious to make me feel conceited at 5 in the morning.

shōko’s school

in a burned book
by blinking eyes in london
she is a swan
her voice calling across barcelona’s jäger-bombed sky
flinging lightning through zeus
paperclip classmates from abroad

she will eat her silk kimonos until
the dragons
roll down the beachfront in sedans honking
telling her to “go home”


and maybe san francisco
full-stop wicker bay bridge, with Giants
or earthquake totem poles

ugly duckings
put on their wetsuits