notice me.

So you are somewhere, be it a coffeehouse or a bar or at the store or a sports match, and you notice someone.  This person bears a faint resemblance to someone you might know, and eventually you do firmly pinpoint who this individual is.  You’re merely an acquaintance.  Not a good friend, but you would (and should) recognize each other on sight.  This other person locks eyes briefly upon you, and you do the same with him/her.  Off and on you sneak a peek and see if s/he will continue to acknowledge your presence with more eye-contact.  Or might come over.  You hesitate and wonder if you should visibly do the same.

This is an odd dilemma.  Maybe you don’t want to say something; maybe you expect the other person to come up and say ‘hey’ to you instead.  Maybe this person is thinking the same thing!  If no one says a word and you part, will you feel a bit offended or put-out that that person did not say ‘hey’?  Is this communal nod of assent mandatory (even nonverbal), at least to make the whole encounter whole and positive?  Does shyness play a major factor in this?  Will this person remember me?

I’ve had this happen (right now being one of them), and I have come to expect the other party NOT to recognize me in the end.  This has vaguely touched a nerve.  I remember people for some reason.  And I think I do more so than others.  The image imprints like a stamp on an envelope.  My brain soaks in the image; perhaps it has to do with me being more of a visual learner than auditory or syntactical.

The conundrum will never wane.  I’m still waiting for another smirk or something.  In the same manner, I’m playing as if I haven’t recongized the other person as well.  A war of who wil noticeably state “I know you.”  It’ll continue until someone gives in or someone leaves.



For some reason a particular class stuck with me my entire time in Istanbul; it was when my students made some predictions as to “what will happen” in 2008, using “will” as the springboard word.  Here were their predictions for the year:

1.  There will be a lot of new babies in 2008.  (This obviously would be a true statement as our population continues to expand alarmingly high.  But I’m keeping it in as a ‘correct’ prediction.  They predicted it!)

2.  It will be a very hot summer.  (I don’t know how it was in relation to others in Istanbul.  But it was consistently sultry, with temps high up to the 90-degree mark almost every day.  During my vacation, the Fahrenheit thermometer went over the century mark a few times in SW Turkey.  So yeah, it was a pretty damn hot summer.)

3.  Turkey will win the European football championship this year.  (Well, this turned out to be close as it could be.  If Turkey had beaten Germany in the semis, they’d have faced Spain for the Cup.  It was an amazing run, and a very good guess.)

4.  A war will break out between Israel and Palestine.  (If you don’t consider it a war, conflict escalated to a very alarming level in the latter half of the year, and for that I say “Yikes!” and “Don’t make anymore war-like predictions for 2009, thanks.”)

5.  In 2008, there will be a new president of the United States.  (Here, I then asked “Who?” because yes there would be a new prez unless Dubya did something really diabolical with the voting.  The majority of the students guessed wrongly and said Hilary Clinton.  You were almost there!)

6. George Bush will die this year.  (Nope, sorry, didn’t happen.  I did not expect that one at all in class!)

7. There will be an earthquake in Istanbul. (Another correct prediction.  It happened in March, but it only ranked 4.8 on the Richter Scale.  No major damage and it was barely felt by me, even though it happened while in the kantin on the 5th floor of the building.  Let’s keep it like that!)