What I find remarkably creepy is that someone in the same coffeehouse as I am has the exact make and model laptop that I have. I know, it’s not too strange that Hewlett Packard has indeed manufactured thousands of my current computer for public consumption (not in the food sense), but it’s just weird when you own something, the exact same thing, as somebody else you’ve never met before.

It’s just like a car. When the same color and brand and everything is in front of you at a red traffic light. Or it might be clothes. The same T-shirt.

But we also don’t find it odd when someone has the same kind of Chuck Taylor’s: be they red, black, camouflaged, or plaid. And also when someone wears an identical sports team jersey (here, it would be a Indians shirt, or the upper portion of the Fenerbahçe kit: yellow-and-blue in my case). In these instances, there’s a nod and an intriguing kinship that forms, not an awkward sort of realization on both sides, one that you might not mention out loud even though the same thoughts are in both your heads. You’re supporting the same side; you have similar taste in cool kicks. It’s allowed.

For some reason, it’s almost normal – at least for me – to think, “Why does this person have the same HP laptop I do? How dare she bring it into a coffeeshop with her and use it when I am using mine?”

And now, after reading through this post once over, I think these insinuating questions are even lamer than the McCafe commericals for McDonalds.