a turkish football match.

Anthems and shouts. Excitement floods the entire place. We’ll win. It’s said in another language, except for one table. The TV screen has people wearing red and blue. There are flashes of green and then these yellow-and-red checkered flags.

2:10 — Things will be difficult. Boredom sifts in.

3:21 — How much is a whiskey with coke?

4:00 — What?

5:10 — More explanation.

8:39 — That’s expensive! One beer for me.

10:10 — Someone decides to tattoo a flag on my arm because everyone else has it someplace on his or her body. And I shouldn’t be missing out.

21:35 — Warning signs. People are drinking vişne-and-vodkas too quickly.

27:49 — The tattoo is a big mistake. It’s starting to rub off on my other arm and my shirt.

30:00 — Vişne-and-vodka number 3.

34:00 — Individuals in Prague are happy.

34:53 — Sometime around here is when hell breaks lose, three people leave angrily, and one person continually uses words like ‘asshole’ and ‘cunt’ to describe certain individuals.

35:10 — I nestle into cocoon.

38:41 — The atmosphere is dead (even in cocoon). There’s some rage on the table, way too close to the bowl of pistachios.

44:20 — Maybe venture out of cocoon?

45:00 — Around here is when spit comes dangerously close to beer that is mine.

48:31 — Protective measures needed for beer and the saliva-chucking person.

57:41 — Should have bought knitting.

62:00 — Some people – whose nationality sounds similar to those pieces of paper you can cash at banks – are happy again.

64:14 — Most people in bar are sulky, pissed off, or continuously going to the toilet.

66:22 — Gasp! The ball made it NEAR the penalty box!

68:22 — Gasp! The ball made it nowhere NEAR the goal!

75:00 — Bar is happy.

87:00 — Bar is happier now. Perspiration now becomes a good neighbor.

89:00 — Bar goes ballistic. Momentarily deaf. I sing along with other members in bar because I have no idea what else to do.

91:00 — Something called a ‘red card’ is held into the air like a sacrifice.

95:00 — Bedlam.