Hell yes!

What an incredible website I have found, while looking for TEFL job openings around the world. On the homepage, we have this guy leaping merrily into the air, à la some clichéd musical end-of-a-song freeze frame! Instead of “Fame” or “Rent,” we get “trwają zapisy!!!” – to which the meaning eludes me. Still, if you’re a part of this school, you will be so happy after getting in, you’ll jump into the air and expose your stomach because of your low-hang jeans, just like on those trendy “I’m-so-sad-that-I-have-to-wear-these-clothes” designer jean ads – and scream those two words loud and clear!

Now look at how saucy this little lady is, the way she points at the giant red numbers propped behind her!

She just turned 10! And it’s all thanks to this school. I’m so applying here. Their homepage won me over, even though just about every single thing on the site is written in Polish, which upon further inspection looks as terrifying to learn as Czech but with much fewer vowels. At least it isn’t in its own script like Bengali or Greek.