I wonder how many people there are besides me: amateur writers who dream of spending 8-hour days sequestered in sometimes-too-chilly coffeehouses, sipping the brew-of-the-day, and writing or pensively taking notes on an idea that has just cropped up in their mind. There has to be some underground group of individuals, obsessed with these places, where you can easily obtain free internet depending on the location and write as many words as you’d like.

I wonder if the atmosphere has something to do with it; it might just be that you’re someplace in public where others might be doing the same thing, and wondering the same thoughts, and drinking the same piping-hot java. A universal cesspool of thinkers, yearning for the chance of getting words on a blank notebook page, is visible.

Next to me sits a guy around my age, scribbling blue-inked verses to a song, or poem, or something to that nature. I wonder how many times he comes in here to do that; I wonder if he’s a regular, or just someone who does it monthly or twice a week, just so happening to come this evening to scrawl a few stanzas for his own enjoyment – or perhaps for something bigger that I don’t know about.

There are a million coffeehouses in the US; there are even more around the world. How many people in each are doing the exact same thing? How many of these dedicated pen-to-paper types are there – whispering to themselves what they’ve written, hoping that it sounds glorious, hoping that that is the perfect word choice for that particular line, that specific paragraph? Millions of budding minds craving for that lyrical finish, that swirl of the quill that denotes the denouement. It brings a smile to my face, thinking about it, so many people around the world, just like myself, just writing, as much as they can, as often as they can, as diligently as they can, to put forth this collaboration of creative genius.

It’s time for me to start at it again, go back to the counter, ask the barista for a refill of my coffee, and write a bit more before the shop closes for the night.